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dot net training in chennai

dot net training chennai

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dot net training in chennai
.net training in chennai

Dot Net Training in Chennai - Accord Info Matrix's One-Stop Solution

Accord Info Matrix offers Dot Net Training with 100% better placement assistance. And we provide world class standard best dot net training with best quality of state-of-art Lab Facilities. And also we are the best dot net training institute in Chennai. Please kindly refer our Dot Net Student Testimonials...

Essential of Dot Net Training in Chennai

DOT NET is a framework, which helps developers to build Windows applications, Web applications, and Web services using different programming languages, like C#, VB .NET, J#, etc. without worrying about low-level issues, like memory management and processor-specific instructions.

.NET is one of the powerful technologies released by Microsoft aiming at fulfilling the idea of software as a service. DOT NET Framework 1.0, released on 13 February 2002, is the first release of the DOT NET Framework. This version of .NET is also a part of the first release of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET which is known as Visual Studio .NET 2002.

Key Features of DOT NET:

  • Type of Technology: DOT NET is a product
  • Operating System support: It supports one operating system (Windows)
  • Programming Languages: It supports multiple programming languages, like VB .NET, C#, J# and so on.
  • Vendor Support: It is supported by a single vendor (Microsoft)
  • Interpreter: During the first compilation process, the source code is compiled to IL which is machine independent and during the second compilation process, the IL is executed using a JIT compiler and CLR transforms it into machine code. Thus any code is .NET is compiled twice.
  • Dynamic web pages used: In .NET, it’s ASP .NET
  • Graphical User Interface Used: .NET uses Win forms and Web forms RAD development supported through the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. No other IDE supports .NET
  • Middle-Tier Components: .NET uses .NET managed components as middle-tier components
  • Database: ADO .NET

Architecture of Microsoft DOT NET:

The DOT NET Framework is an inbuilt Windows Component that supports building and running the next generation of applications and XML Web services. The DOT NET Framework has been developed to cater to the following objectives and requirements:

  • To provide consistent object-oriented environment to develop applications
  • To provide a code execution environment that guarantees the safety of the code being executed.
  • To provide a code execution environment that simplifies deployment and versioning
  • To provide a code execution environment that eliminates the issues faced by scripted environments with respect to performance.
  • To provide a common programming model where the choice of a programming language becomes a matter of choice.

The DOT NET Framework is made up of two components:
CLR – basis of .NET Framework and provides various services that applications can use.
DOT NET FCL - Standard library and it is a collection of reusable classes, interfaces and types.

Execution process of DOT NET:

The managed execution process includes the following steps:

  • Choosing a compiler
  • Compiling code to MSIL
  • Compiling MSIL to native code
  • Executing code

New Features in DOT NET Framework:

The Microsoft DOT NET Framework have some new features, improvements to existing features, and some enhancements to the documentation. The following some of the new features are:

  • 64-bit platform support
  • Access control list support
  • Authenticated Streams
  • COM Interop Services Enhancements
  • Console Class Additions
  • Data Protection API
  • Distributed Computing
  • Generics and Generic Collections
  • Globalization
  • .NET Framework Remoting
  • ClickOnce Deployment

What is the syllabus of Dot Net Training in Chennai?

The following modules are covered in our Dot Net Training program.

  • Visual Studio 2010 .NET Compact Framework 4.0
  • C# .NET
  • ADO .NET
  • ASP .NET
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • WPF
  • WCF
  • WF
  • XML
  • AJAX
  • Silver Light

Why should we choose Accord for Best Dot Net Courses in Chennai?

Accord Info Matrix provides the best training of Dot Net. Accord Info Matrix, a pioneer Dot Net Training institutes in Chennai, has been serving with its flag high, for more than a decade. With our student centric approach, we provide our students with real time exposure on the latest in technology.

The following syllabus covered in DOT NET training by experienced dot net faculties and the placement provided has top rated Accord Info Matrix as the best Dot Net Training Institutes in Chennai.

Every student is given full-fledged .NET training to tune them to meet the expectations of industries.

What are the benefits of Dot Net Training in Chennai from Accord?

Accord Info Matrix institute understand the individual needs and skills and offer them with customizable training of Dot Net Courses. We offer our students with flexible timings for Dot Net training. Our advanced syllabus and practical training of industrial standards, takes you a step ahead in your dream career.

We sharpen the skills of every amateur with our finest Dot Net training course and get them placement opportunities in MNCs and renowned companies.

We are considered as the best Dot Net training institutes in Chennai based on our placement track record and training quality. Accord Info Matrix has best facilities with 4000 sq. ft. of campus for lab and class rooms.

If you are looking for the best institute offering the best Dot Net Training in Chennai, then you have reached your destination! With our job oriented training courses, we prove to be the best choice for you! Call us @ 994-028-9059 to know more details about the ourDot Net Training.

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dot net training in chennai